About us

About ECC

ECC was founded in 2003. We produce a wide variety of power cables ranging from medium voltage up to ultra-high voltage cables covering a wide range of applications whether underground cables or overhead transmission lines. Our mission is to establish ECC as a company known for safety, profitably, and exceeding customer expectations, while creating a rewarding experience for both our customers and our team. We aim to achieve sustainable growth through an organizational framework that excels in delivering exceptional services, building a reputation for integrity in our local and operational communities, and fostering growth opportunities for our team members in a secure and accident-free environment.


To sustain the production of high-quality cables that adhere to international standards, ensuring the timely and efficient delivery of cable products. Our aim is to meet the demands of the local region while expanding our reach globally.


Our goal is to elevate the Egyptian and Middle East markets to a higher industrial standard by demonstrating excellence in our core competency, which is the manufacturing of cables.


Customer Service

We aim to create excellent longlasting customer relationships by prioritizing productivity and quality. Our commitment involves swiftly attending to all customer inquiries and needs. Furthermore, we will assess and strive to surpass customer expectations in areas like follow ups, timely delivery, quality, and more.

Tradition And Commitment

Drawing from the ECC Cables family legacy, we nurture a strong commitment to service built on a history spanning more than a decade. Furthermore, we plan and act with a future-oriented approach to secure the lasting prosperity of our company and the satisfaction of our customers. Additionally, we recognize our individual and collective responsibilities and honor our commitments.

Quality And Consistency

We empower our team to excel and aspire for constant improvement. We establish elevated benchmarks and promote the growth of our employees. We recruit the right team, leverage technology for innovation, and are passionate about enhancing our processes. We thrive on facing challenges and firmly believe that success is meaningful only when it is continuous.


Our unwavering objective is to achieve zero accidents, recognizing that people's lives depend on it. Every employee has the capability to prevent any hazardous incident.