High Voltage Cables


ECC Cables manufactures dependable high-voltage cables suitable for safe utilization in the transmission and distribution of power, connecting power plants to power transformers. High-voltage cables play a crucial role in the national transmission network, electrical substations, and urban networks. To provide the best service to our customers, we offer customized high-voltage cables, tailored to their specific needs, with various insulation options.

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Product List

Single core Copper conductor, (Stranded circular or segmental compacted) copper conductor, semi-conducting layer as conductor screen, XLPE insulated, semi-conducting layer as non-metallic insulation screen, semi conductive water blocking tape to protect the screen area from longitudinal water penetration, lead sheathed with suitable thickness to withstand the required earth fault current and HDPE sheathed with graphite coating or extruded semi-conducting layer.
 Cables are designed and tested to comply with IEC 60228, 60840 and 60811.

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