Ultra-High Voltage Cables


The main advantage of Ultra High Voltage (UHV) cables lies in their ability to transmit electricity over extensive distances with minimal energy loss. This innovation eliminates the necessity of locating power plants in close proximity to urban areas, thereby contributing to the reduction of air pollution in residential areas. Additionally, UHV cables serve as a critical component in renewable energy power facilities.

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Product List

Single core Copper conductor, (Stranded circular or segmental compacted) copper conductor, semi-conducting layer as conductor screen, XLPE insulated, semi-conducting layer as non-metallic insulation screen, semi conductive water blocking tape to protect the screen area from longitudinal water penetration, lead sheathed with suitable thickness to withstand the required earth fault current and HDPE sheathed with graphite coating or extruded semi-conducting layer. 
Cables are designed and tested to comply with IEC 60228, 62067 and 60811.

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